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Turning to a new chapter

The recent Covid-19 lockdown was hard on all of us and our deepest sympathies are with those who lost loved ones and close friends. We certainly haven't seen the end of this virus but we start to look forward to an ease on restrictions and a return to normality.

The music industry like others was hard hit by the pandemic, with live music put on hold we focused on making new music remotely, as strange and unaccustomed as it was, it certainly made lockdown more bearable. We as a band also looked to our own future and changes that we needed to make to get us more grounded.

We went in the direction of a new singer and frontman and that came in the form of Owen Gower. From the get go he jumped straight into songwriting as well heavy involving himself on the instrumental side. It's certainly a welcome change we as a band relished! With this new identify we continue to focus on new music and a return to the stage. We hope to be releasing a new single before the years end so keep them eyes peeled!

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